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  • Allotments Open or Close

    Staveley Town Council has allotment sites at Bellhouse Lane, Middlecroft Road, Hartington, Inkersall, Mastin Moor and Calver Crescent and has a programme to gradually improve the sites. Rents vary from site to site.

    Waiting lists are managed centrally, so if you would like to apply to take on an allotment plot, please contact Staveley Town Council  or apply online and pass it on to the appropriate allotments secretary.

    Staveley Town Council is a member of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners.

    Below are the contact details for the Allotment Secretaries.

     Bellhouse Lane  Hartington Inkersall Mastin Moor Middlecroft Road, Reema, and Staveley Town
    Mr. E. Dickin Mr. J. B. Wootton Mr. L. Grice Mr. M. Chapman Dave Cousins (President)

    25 Lowgates,



    S43 3TX

    53 Franklyn Drive,



    S43 3YA

    67 Ashover Road



    S43 3EG

    14 Bellhouse Lane




    S43 3UA


    Tel 01246 475892 Tel 01246 473702

    Mobile: 07864 004231

  • Compliments and Complaints Open or Close

    Let us know how we are doing

    We are committed to providing a quailty service to all the people of Staveley. In order to do this we constantly look for new ways of improving how we work. You are in the best position to judge how we are doing and we certainly need you to tell us when we get it wrong.

    If you do have a complaint, please rest assured that all complaints recieved are recorded and acted upon. Quite often we can resolve a complaint immediately; if not, we will investigate your complaint fairly and fully and deal with the situation quickly and confidentially.

    We are also pleased to recieve letters of praise for our staff, and for the service we provide.

    You can make a complaint or compliment by contacting us.

    What happens if I make a compliment?

    Compliments will be passed on to the member of Staff concerned. We will write to acknowledge reciept of the compliment and confirm that it has been passed on appropriately.

    What happens if I have a complaint?

    Upon reciept of a written complaint we will send you a card confirming that it has been recieved and recorded. The Town Clerk or Assistant Financial Officer will investigate the complaint and will aim to dispatch a full response within 20 working days of reciept of the complaint.

    Sometimes more complex complaints can take longer than 20 working days to investigate. If this is the case, we would write, notifying the complainant of the delay and when we expect to complete the investigation.

    If a complaint is upheld, we will apologise and try to put procedures in place to prevent a similar incident from re-occurring. If we feel that the complaint is not justified, we will explain why.

    What happens if I am not satisfied with the response?

    The complainant should notify us of dissatisfaction and ask for a further review to take place. This request will be acknowledged within 5 working days.

    A review will be conducted by Elected Members; we will aim to send a reply within 30 working days.

Our Staff

Sabrina Doherty - Town Clerk and Financial Officer

01246 473132

(FT) Jake Wild - Caretaker Speedwell Rooms / Market Staff

01246 472839  Mobile 07951946819

(FT) Scott Vickers - Caretaker Speedwell Rooms / Market Staff

(PT) Linda Glossop - Cleaner Speedwell Rooms

Staveley Hall

Reception: 01246 385200,