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Derbyshire Libraries - Help with Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a new benefit which is intended to take over from current low income benefits for working age people.  You can find out more by downloading the pdf document here.

Staveley Hall is available for various activities including Weddings, Event days, Air hall, dance studio, cafe and more

Offices, Weddings, Event and Function Rooms


Jacket Potato with...

Tuna Mayo - £3.00
Cheese (with or without butter) - £2.50
Cheese and Beans - £3.00

Cheese and Onion Slice - £1.50
Steak Slice - £1.50
Croissant and Butter - £1.00
Croissant with Ham and Cheese - £2.50
Sausage Roll – £1.00
Toasted Tea Cake with Butter/Flora - £1.50

SandwichesHam and Cheese - £2.50
Cheese and Onion - £2.00
Tuna Mayo - £3.00
Egg Mayo - £2.00

Hot Breakfast Cobs
Bacon Cob - £2.00
Sausage Cob – £2.00
Sausage or Bacon Cob with Egg - £2.50
Bacon/Sausage Cob and Coffee Deal - £2.50 (8am to 11am)

Bowl of Soup with a buttered roll - £2.50

Salad Pots
Salad Pot Small- £2.00      ...Large £2.50

Full English Breakfast - Small - £4.00 … Large £5.50
Chef’s Special of the Day - £4.00

Fancy Something Sweet...?
Slice of Cake (please see current selection) - £1.50
Tray Bake Slice - £1.00
Muffin - £1.00
Home Made Muffin - £0.50
Biscuits – £0.50

 Hot Drinks
Cappuccino - £1.75
Latte - £1.75
Americano - £1.50
Mocha - £1.75
Hot Chocolate - £1.50
Pot of Tea for One - £1.50     ...for Two - £2.75

Add a dash of syrup 40p –
Choices of Chocolate, Caramel or Vanilla

Cold Drinks
Coca-Cola/Diet Coke/Fanta Cans - £1.00
Harrogate Water Spring/Sparkling - £1.00
Belvoir Presse Cox Apple/Cranberry/Elderflower - £1.75
Juice Burst Orange/Cranberry - £1.50
Fruit Shoot Blackcurrant/Orange - 80p
Funkee Monkee Drinks– 50p

If you hate having to buy compost why not have a go at making your own?

Its free and better for the environment

More than a third of household waste is made up of organic material which can be composted.  Grass cuttings unwanted plants, cardboard, newspapers, fruit and vegetables peelings are all ideal.

Derbyshire County Council has a scheme which offers compost bins at very reasonable prices - with the added bonus that they can be delivered to households.

Compost bins cost as little as £16.98, plus 5.49 delivery per order.  They are supplied by Straight plc.

Visit http://www.derbyshire.getcomposting.com or call 0844 571 4444 for more details.

The low cost compost bin is made from recycled plastic and carries a 15 year guarantee.  The unit doesn't require any putting together.

You can find out more about how to start composting at the Derbyshire County Council website

Staveley Hall Website

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